A new kind of adventure

Blogging. Not exactly something I thought I’d ever find myself doing. I mean, isn’t blogging something journalists do? Or an avenue for expressing political opinions? However, I’ve come to discover that blogs have so much more to offer than just news, opinions, and online diaries. There are travel blogs, adventure blogs, recipe blogs, and medical blogs—you can pretty much find a blog about anything these days.

Blogs can be an excellent source of information. When researching a new climbing or skiing area, I find the trip reports in blogs to be super informative, offering those little gems of information you won’t find in a guidebook or magazine article. Many blogs include how-to articles and videos, gear reviews, or recipes (read: to prepare your backcountry bounty, whether it be wild game, mushrooms, or huckleberries). Exactly the kind of information the backcountry enthusiast searches for!

Blogs can be inspiring. A few years back I followed my good friend’s blog about her motorcycle journey from southern Patagonia to Portland, OR. As if that weren’t inspiration enough to head back to Latin America, I’m now following the adventures of two new friends at Wander Wheels as they continue their bicycle journey from Texas, USA to Tierra del Fuego, South America.  And of course there are the many other blogs of friends and strangers sharing their outdoor adventures that continue to inspire that next trip, whether it’s an international adventure or a weekend outing.

Lastly, blogs can be fun. So I hope you enjoy following ours. We don’t claim to be professionals or “hard-core” in any particular activity but we all love getting out and experiencing the backcountry of Montana and beyond, and we’re happy to share what we learn along the way. Though personally, writing these posts may be scarier than making turns down a steep slope or climbing above my last piece of protection on a rock face, I’m looking forward to being part of the adventures and the words that follow.

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