About Us

We are four ordinary people who like to get after it out in the mountains. We aren’t professionals, but we know some who are, and we’ll share their expertise. We’re inspired by backcountry travel–no matter the season, no matter the sport. We hope to inspire, share some valuable information (but, ahem, not GPS coordinates), and have a good time. Two women, two men, four opinions, and many passions–it’s gonna be interesting. We live in Montana (thus the name), but travel frequently. So hold on; you never know where we’ll end up next.

Our interests:

  • backcountry skiing
  • hiking
  • hunting
  • trail running
  • backpacking
  • boating
  • rock climbing
  • ice climbing
  • game meat processing / cooking
  • mountain biking
  • gear
  • food

The Crew

Eric Tangedahl – As a Montana native, Eric has spent as much time outdoors as possible, never successfully moving away from the place he enjoyed so much.  Depending on the season his activities might include running, biking, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, rafting and backpacking, basically anything that gets him into the backcountry, the longer the better.  While contradictory to his profession in information technology, it seems to be a suitable balance.   Eric also volunteers for search and rescue giving him an opportunity to give back to the community in a way that involves the skills he has learned.  He grew up camping most weekends with his dad and sister and now continues to with his wife Janna and daughter Abby.  Eric is looking forward to the next adventure and sharing that with family and friends and now those who might come across blog posts on this site!

JTang_profile Janna Tangedahl – Janna grew up skiing and hiking in Montana but it wasn’t until she met Eric that things got kicked into high gear and she started really taking advantage of what this great state has to offer.  Admittedly, she was a bit skeptical the first time Eric told her to boot pack her skis up a ridge…but she’s been hooked on backcountry ever since (and also been “gifted” better gear).  Add in whitewater rafting, trail running, backpacking and camping and every season is covered.  Janna brings a unique perspective to Montana Backcountry because she isn’t an expert, she still gets nervous and/or skeptical at times, but she’s usually up for the adventure.  So you can look forward to posts from Janna that aren’t always serious or “extreme” but it should round out these boys’ posts nicely…and she loves to cook so you’ll probably see some recipes from time to time as well.  She also has some thoughts and stories about trying to enjoy the backcountry with a 2-year old toddler, which always keeps it interesting.  You can find Janna’s writing elsewhere at www.twsst.wordpress.com

IMG_1688Don – Don finds solace in high wild places. Besides his backyard mountain ranges in Montana, some of his favorite places in the world are the Tetons and Sierras. He considers climbing to be his mountain passion but enjoys almost any human-powered backcountry activity. Growing up hunting in the hardwood forests of upstate New York, Don has carried that tradition with him to Montana. To Don hunting has always been more than just another outdoor activity. Rather, he views it as a way to further understand the ecosystem that he is a part of and to participate in a locally-sustainable (and organic) food chain. Don never thought he’d meet and fall in love with an “Adirondack girl” in western Montana, but as luck would have it he did. In Jenny he’s found not only an adventure partner but a companion as well.

Jennifer Duffield White pictureJenny White – Jenny says that time in the mountains is like a happiness pill. She grew up running in the woods of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, talking to herself and reading thick books. It’s no surprise she became a fiction writer and a long-distance runner. Jenny taught herself to mountain bike in the rock gardens of the Adirondacks and when she moved west, realized she didn’t know how to corner a switchback but she thrived on never-ending climbs. She fell in love with Montana, then Don (once he passed the first mountain-bike-date test). Don’s freezer of wild game persuaded her to stop buying meat, pick up the butcher knife, and become part of the process. Jenny loves going uphill; she does not love heights or thrilling speeds. It makes things dicey sometimes, but still the backcountry keeps her sane. She trail runs, mountain bikes, hikes, skis (in any form), and is slowly learning the ropes of climbing. She rests her legs with writing fiction, a freelance editing/writing business, teaching creative writing to kids, and an office job.  In 2013, she was an artist-in-residence with Glacier National Park. More of her writing can be found at www.jenniferduffieldwhite.wordpress.com.


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